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We create software that helps Sports-betting, Gaming and Lottery Operators unlock the full potential of their business.

TRI Sportsbook

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The cutting-edge Sportsbook with personalised content and real-time risk awareness. With TRI Sportsbook, you’re not just participating in the industry; you’re setting the pace.

TRI Gaming

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Dive into our end to end Casino Platform with access to all the best games while harnessing the power to craft your own unique offerings.

TRI Hub: Optimizing Betting Operations

Introducing TRI Hub, the premier Player Account Management platform for Sportsbook and Casino Operators. Gain real-time control over your operations, enabling you to boost your efficiency and marketing effectiveness. With PAM, Payments and Bonus modules TRI Hub is the end to end player universe that puts you in the driving seat.

TRI Lottery:

The world’s largest independent lottery platform


Lotttery bets handled each day


Live integrations with WLA members


Continents, Europe, N. America, Latin Am & Australasia

Power your customer experience with TRI Lottery, the advanced engine with an unbeatable choice of game mechanics, delivering both beloved classics and innovative experiences.

Working with Fincore is like having an extension of your own team.

We have deep, long lasting relationships with our customers. Committed to their success, we are trusted to deliver.



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We’ve been leading pioneers of software for Sports-betting, Casino and Lottery Operators since the industry began.

Data at your finger tips

In sports betting, lottery, and casino games, timely insights define success. Access real-time data to predict, strategize, and capitalize.