Tri Hub

A comprehensive, end-to-end view of each player. Enabling you to track and analyse all player events with real-time data, empowering you to take swift and decisive action.

Boost efficiency by automating the majority of tasks through rule setting, allowing you to prioritise exceptional cases.

Stay fully compliant with our comprehensive suite of compliance, regulatory, and responsible gambling tools.

Integrate TRI HUB into your preferred platforms, including CRM, Sportsbook, Gaming Server, and more, for a seamless and cohesive operational environment.

Unlock the full potential of your customers with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to create a seamless customer experience, while maximising player engagement and satisfaction.

With rule setting and automation at it’s core, TRI HUB efficiently handles routine interactions, freeing your team to concentrate on exceptional cases where their expertise adds most value.

Tri Pay

Bring all player payments into one place, optimising their experience and protecting your business. Integrate directly with your chosen payment providers and take payments multiple ways, in multiple channels.

Choose your own KPI dashboard with automated monitoring and reporting in real time.

Protect your business by configuring risk rules and setting thresholds. Use automated triggers to focus on issues and respond to them rapidly.

Delight players with speedy pay-outs. Our configurable payment approval rules mean you can pay out quickly with confidence.


Drive player engagement & loyalty with our configurable bonus engine.

Set up promos & offers effortlessly. Personalise experiences, reward loyalty, exchange loyalty points for bonuses & trigger communications using real-time data & your CRM.

Stay in control with real-time budget controls & reporting.

Lift up your player experience now!