Tri Sportsbook

Our state of the art Sportsbook brings you closer to your players, optimising their experience and your performance.

We are the industry experts

We are the industry experts.

Combining 25+ years of Sportsbetting know-how with the latest tech to deliver the ultimate Sportsbook platform.

Our state of the art system handles upto 4k bets placed per second, and can settle upto 10k bets per second.

With Automation and Data Science at it’s core, your people can focus where it matters and optimise your Sportsbook performance.

Integrated live feeds with:


A trading app that empowers you

Experience the power of our Trading Manager App, where personalised dashboards and real-time updates put you in control.

Stay ahead of the game with confidence, as advanced risk awareness and profitability insights guide your every move.

Don’t settle for uncertainty – seize the opportunity to trade smarter and faster with our cutting-edge app. Your path to trading success starts here.